Dirty Little Secret

Maid To Order 

Dirty Little Secret


The single slob lets laundry linger. It piles in corners in the bedroom, bathroom and in a pile near the couch. Food items find homes in the most unusual places. Why bring the super size bag of ruffles back into the kitchen when you’ll want them tomorrow for a marathon of Sunday football games?


To meet a girl on the 50-yard line, you may go as far as surface cleaning once a week. Buying new sheets is two birds with one stone.  The old ones can be nailed to the window to block the light and a new set send an image of Mr.Clean without the shiny head.


Maybe you entertained a cleaning service, once. It was thrown to the wayside when you weighted the cost verses her real rubber gloved cleaning costume. It just didn’t add up. It’s a waste of money, Tim Kastan reasons. “It’s not messy anyway if YOU know where everything is!”


The other side of the spectrum is being too clean. One friend warns of a crib so immaculate that it looks like a museum. That might just be a sign of a control freak.


On the subject of signs, an invitation to a bachelor’s New York apartment revealed something interesting. It came up in a conversation after a quick room scan. I was then seated next to a coffee table under a layer of dust. I casually asked who cleaned the place and was fed line about the cleaning lady being sick that week. Only that week? A clean freak by nature and someone who gets help doing her dirty work can stain-spot a liar a mile away.


From this little white lie I see a message in black and white. Lie about something so minor and I am suddenly not sure you really do like the way I cook! Don’t worry I won’t carry on like this is a seven course meal, but point should be taken to polish up the palace on occasion and always tell the truth!



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