You Light Up My Life


You light up my life

There’s the old image of a light bulb going off in your head when a great idea is born. Somewhere in this great land of ours, or overseas in the manufacturing Mecca we call China is the brain power behind the single man’s lighting scheme. My friend Amy is convinced there’s a Bachleor Pad store where they only sell black leather sectionals and as a bonus for spending a few Benjamin’s complimentary black or bronze metal floor lamp is pulled out. “They have that half bowl at the top where the light shines up on the ceiling; you know what I am talking about right?”  I do, thanks Amy!


Those bad boys come in black, white and grey and normally run about $14.95 according to Nick a self described bachelor who smiles broadly every time I say the word commit.  “After a while, the little twist on knob that turns them on comes off, but you can still turn them on with a little grip from your fingers. Not that I would know or anything,” Nick laughs.


Let me shine the light on this situation. This lamp screams cheap. It lives with the bachelor who thinks that on the second night out for drinks in a budding relationship, the guy and girl should split the tab. A few pitchers in and this guy is telling his girl he considers himself a family man who would happily stay home with the kids. For the next three months, he is crashing at your clean place. You become his first class ticket on the gravy train. The electric bill at the pad he shares with the lamp and his two former fraternity brother roommates drops down to zero and he’s happily pocketing those saved pennies for the trip with the bros to Cancun.


If you want to turn on a girl, loose this lighting scheme. First and foremost lighting in your home should add ambiance. Natural light from windows should be considered a bonus, not concealed with makeshift curtains made of last year’s dirty bed sheet.


There are three main lighting techniques to consider. Start with General ambient lighting. That’s a room’s main light. It should come from recessed lights, chandeliers, sconces and secondary that popular floor lamp. Next bring in accent lighting.  These lights are mostly for a dramatic touch, such as up lights or spot lights that highlight art pieces. Finish with task lighting which targets a specific purpose light work areas at a desk or a lamp on a nightstand to read!


Do this right, and you’ll turn on more than your light!



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