When Animals Attack

Animal AttractsWhen Animals Attack

Welcome to the single guy’s Jungle Room. He’s got a black and white zebra print carpet runner in his entry hall which opens up to a living room collection of animal print pillows showcased on a black leather couch. It’s like the Lion King called the whole felidae together on the sofa and each of these predators, the cheetah, panther and tiger are waiting to pounce the Zebra as pray. This whole seating arrangement is anchored by a cowhide. The only thing missing is a collection of tribal masks. Is it hot in here?  The Sub-Saharan vibe makes the apartment feel like it is one-hundred degrees. Heat breeds germs and the image of down and dirty one night relationships shines in this apartment crystal clear.


Too much of a good thing can easily turn bad. Axl Rose said it best when he gyrated on stage singing that the Jungle gets worse everyday! 


Still, there is no denying an animal attraction to home décor. Done right it can add a contemporary, sleek statement that gives a masculine space a hint of character.   Keep it in portion by mixing one animal print with textured solids, stripes or fabrics with natural motifs like trees or bamboo.  While this is a winning formula, try not to use it in every room.

A hint of animal sheets or pillows in the bedroom and ladies beware, this is a walk on the wild side that leads to no where!



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