Seating for Six


Bachelor Living Room

Bachelor Living Room


Seating for Six

Fanny on the futon, this bachelor pauses Halo 3 long enough to call out to you to open the door. You walk over the non-existence welcome mat and enter his bachelor pad finding him deeply resumed in his XBOX 360 game. A scan of the room zeros in on the venti-sized flat screen flanked on each side by subwoofers that make the room sound like a combat zone. To say anything to this guy you’ll surely have to scream.  Smaller details but just as significant include the second mini-me television in the corner playing March Madness Basketball, the overflowing DVD collection jammed into a bookshelf and the shrine to the sports idol tacked up on the walls.  The only place open to sit is smack down next to him on the futon like two ducks in a row.


Game over.  Live like this and the writing is on the wall. The single guy syndrome has many symptoms which include a solo selfish side, a far reaching distance from commitment and a pleasure to play games over playing house. These three strikes on your character can be easily reversed by doubling the equation.


It’s time to think six, seating for six. Your main living room should have the potential to seat a small army comfortably. Think modern sectional, a love seat, a pair of chairs, benches and ottomans creatively combined to a stylish six.


The fun part is arranging your furniture. To begin, seek out the room’s best asset to be showcased in the layout. Yes you can keep your entertainment center but also consider a fireplace or appealing window view as advantageous focal points for a space. Place your furniture arrangement around this point with the largest seating directly across and use an area rug underneath to anchor the space. Let the remaining furnishings fall into place in an inviting and spacious way. Add your personal touch like mirrors for depth, lamps for ambiance to complete the look.


Oh and if any hot ladies knock, be sure to get up off your new sofa and open the door!



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