Luke the Bachelor

Luke's Bachelor Pad 

Luke the Bachelor

The pool table suggests I like putting balls in holes.  The liquor cabinet (left) and kegerator (right) suggest I like getting liquored up before I do it.”  That’s my friend Luke talking. This is his bachelor pad. A textbook example of what a girl walks into when they visit him at home. 


I love Luke. He’s a great friend, a former Captain with the military’s third infantry and a Boston Southie through and through. Luke has seen and experienced first hand the magnitude of war and called military bases in the ruined cities of Iraq his home. He has defended our country, his friends and countless families and someday hopes to have his own. It is with humble honor that I peaked inside his current home-sweet-home.


There is plenty of time to get to the wife and kids. Right now Luke likes hanging with the boys. Many nights have been spent at his crib drinking beers and breaking the rack. It is a classic space, complete with the pool table, kegerator and artwork dedicated to beer. 

Bachelor’s keep playing billiards but remember this all you pool sharks, to bait a lady someday soon you’ll have to scratch the table in the living room in place of a love seat and matching couch!






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