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I have the experience. I’ve kissed a few frogs. They don’t sit on lily pads. Single guys dwell in bachelor pads. A designer by DNA, the third daughter of Connecticut design duo Betsy & Robert Knapp, I have a keen eye for interiors and how they express the true core of one’s personality.

Your living space is an opportunity to define who you are. Single? Let your space sing! Let it be a true reflection of who you are at that moment. Don’t wait or create what people expect you to be. There’s this running theme that people should hold off on creating a space that defines them, until they find the second half of the equation to define it with. That road is not for everyone, a conclusion I have drawn from my own little black book. Generation X, the Millennial Generation and those who are defined by MTV are increasingly daring to be single and be happy alone at home. There is a new sanctity of singleness which defines people as independent and liberated from the confines of a ball and chain.


In my life experience, I have had amazing opportunities to immerse myself in different homes and relationships. I have lived single, in a serious relationship and somewhere in between. All the while, I have learned a lot while helping others create expressive environments.


I pull from this suitcase of style and knowledge personal funny moments, decorating tips, and insightful commentary on how live.


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